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Hi Everyone
This week we have updated multiple things and added a new feature to servers page

- People can now comment on servers, Comments can be disabled in server settings
- Faster loading on a few pages like voting page
- Giveways page will now show you the remaining time left before you can enter again
- Servers using SRV is now able to signup the server here
5 months ago

Should hopefully be resolved now
Thanks for reporting the problem
5 months ago

Just a little update
i solved the srv problem but ran into new issues effecting alot of servers so i reverted my changes and will do a new attempt tomorrow 
5 months ago

Okay i think i have found the issue wirh SRV, will attempt to get a fix tomorrow

I have confirmed the issue and it will be a complicated fix but i will try to get it fixed tomorrow
5 months ago

whats the ip? does the server run on a port with SRV?
5 months ago

In development

In development