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Aerson: about 1 year ago
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Hi Everyone, 

Join my discord at https://discord.gg/TtH6tpp to stay up to date with my projects and more

I will also try to run minecraft events each Saturday with $30 USD winner reward and maybe some times giveaways
Also be sure to follow my social media accounts
2 months ago

Minecraft 1.16 (The Nether Update)
Minecraft 1.16 being released on Tuesday (23 june)
3 months ago

Top Voted Minecraft Servers of May
1) Armageddon MC with 7315 votes
2) LoSCraft Network with 2925 votes
3) Império! with 1621 votes

Giveaway Winner: DieselJS
Be sure to enter the giveaway daily to get a bigger chance to win https://mccommunity.net/giveaway
4 months ago

Server owners will now earn money per logged in vote this is something we will test and try out and see how it goes
Right now we doing a little boost that server owner earn $0,03 per vote instead of $0,01! No idea how long the boost will stay 

Another change we have did is vote delay will now reset 00:00 UTC instead of 24 hours delay
Remember to enter the giveaway daily for a better chance to win
7 months ago

What you guys think if we had added server owner being paid for logged in votes (That players need to register and be logged in before them vote)

LIke: server owner will earn example $0,01 USD per logged in vote it not much at all but after 2000 votes its $20 already and some servers already getting ALOT of votes but ofcourse logged in votes wont that that manu but money don't grow on trees either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

then owner can request payput after reaching $20, It could got this project to grow a bit tought

And remember to enter the monthly giveaway :smile: <https: />
7 months ago

In development

In development