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Member ItzRetroTechXYZ

Partydragen: 11 months ago
Hey ItzRetroTechXYZ, i will appreciate if you invite your friends to check out this site :D Comment

Partydragen: about 1 year ago
Hey :P Comment

ItzRetroTechXYZ: about 1 year ago

Bump bump
@Partydragen fix please
12 months ago

TBH I love the .xyz tld
about 1 year ago

Well thats the problem, its more than 10mbšŸ™„
about 1 year ago

1. It contanains a lot of PHP errors,
2. The .ZIP file you get always says it's invalid

These are just someĀ essentialĀ things a working rescource website needs, Can't you just spend some more time on it?

~ RetroTechXYZ
about 1 year ago

In development

In development