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The Atlas Project
“So...you have arrived upon this world of Atlas? Sadly that means your old world is no more. This new world you have washed up on has plunged into all-out war.

You are not the first refugee to be saved from destruction by the Obelisk - and you will not be the last. For fifteen years, we have been the keepers of the Obelisk, the harbingers of lost souls like you. Some have integrated into our people. Others have struck out into the harsh and brutal world of Atlas to build empires of their own. Fewer yet have succeeded.

But an evil force is gaining power in the world, threatening to undo the very fabric of reality itself. Centuries ago, the Arkayo nearly succeeded in summoning their brutal god of chaos into this world. And after all this time, hidden in exile, I fear they are close to summoning him once again.

Grieve quickly for your old world, for there is little time. We have saved you from the brink of destruction, traveler… now it is you who must save us…”


Atlas is an immersive MC experience like no other. A custom nation creation system, mixed with the rich backstory and quest progression of an MMORPG, make for a world that MC players of any style can enjoy!

Players find themselves as refugees from their ruined worlds, arriving in the world of Atlas just in time to see the resurgence of a dangerous cult, thought to be eradicated long ago. Through exploration of the unique, hand-painted world, completing the hundreds of available quests across dozens of NPC towns, and even building their own nations to compete on the world stage, players must make choices that affect their gameplay and reputation throughout Atlas and craft their own unique legacy!

Featuring a series of custom-made, never-before-seen plugins, players can do anything from discovering dozens of new ores and alloys through smelting, to training in robust schools of magic, to smuggling goods and sparking economic warfare. The possibilities are endless!

Join Atlas today and craft your legacy! Adventure awaits....


Custom and Featured Mechanics

* Found Nations and Towns.

* Large-scale Siege system.

* Unique Crafting Skills: Smeltery, Tannery, and Fletchery.

* Dynamic, fluctuating Economy.

* Magic and Spellcasting.

* Massive Dungeons.

* Hundreds of Quests.

* Legendary Items.

* Extensive Lore & RP Events.

* 100+ Unique Fish.
  Admins: Ajaxan, Iyoforeayo, Tyrriel, Wizardteepot


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Status: Online

Server Ip: play.mc-atlas.com

Players: 0 / 100

Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.14.x

Votes: 0

Discord: https://discord.gg/FtSsDsf

Owner: BorkMork

Created: 9 months ago

Last Updated: 9 months ago

Motd: ? Atlas ? Adventure Begins Here