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Viewing server • MikesShop-ATM3R

MikesShop is a small server run by a single person. I'm a newbie to running a server, so still working on getting scripts, permissions and everything else set up to work smoothly. I started this server is so I'd have an always-on world to play on, hoping to also make some friends and play with other people too. I'm a very casual player and hoping to foster a casual playing environment. If you're looking for a place to speed through to completion in a few weeks, probably not the place for you.

We now have time based ranks, and a starter kit of tools! The longer you play, the more chunks you can claim, and chunkloaders you can use!

PVP can be disabled in FTBUtilities settings, be sure to disable it when you join if you aren't interested in PVP. That being said, non-consensual PVP will not be tolerated. Also, No Griefing or Raiding... just be nice.


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Status: Online

Server Ip: atm3r.mikesshop.net

Players: 2 / 20

Version: 1.12.2

Votes: 12

Website: https://mikesshop.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/S2MVwg6

Owner: NysileVerazi

Created: 19 days ago

Last Updated: 19 days ago

Motd: MikesShop! PvE, Ranks, Casual All The Mods 3 - Remix (1.6.0)