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Viewing server • MC Conquest

MC Conquest
Season 1 BETA
Join our community discord to keep updated: https://mcconquest.com/discord

MC Conquest is a new gamemode that is called Clan Wars. The gamemode has similar features to other ones like factions and skyblock. Even though, its still unique on its own. I came up with the idea by adding things I liked and removing aspects I didnt.

The main goal of the gamemode is to forma clan, grind, fight and get strong over a period of about 4 weeks How long a season lasts. At the end of a season, clans will be able to apply to join the Clan War which is a tournament with the clans. The server will have money prizes at the end of the season and it will be awarded through the results of the Clan War.


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Status: Offline

Server Ip: play.mcconquest.com

Players: 0 / 120

Version: Paper 1.15.2

Votes: 0

Website: https://mcconquest.com

Discord: mcconquest.com/discord

Owner: e65

Created: 22 days ago

Last Updated: 22 days ago

Motd: MCConquest | 1.8 - 1.16 [Season 1 BETA] Preparing for Clan Wars!