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Viewing server • ValkNet

A free server hosting network with high cloud machine software. Stop paying & play for free!
Gather around the ValkyrieNetwork community with over 2,000+ unique members!

Join now at ValkNet.minehut.gg

Discord: https://discord.com/VEvwXvf


TacticalModz TacticalModz: about 1 month ago
If you think you were falsely banned, You may make an appeal on our forums:

Sorry for the long response.

godhctaWtoN godhctaWtoN: 3 months ago
Got banned for no mentioned reason

TacticalModz TacticalModz: 4 months ago
ValkNet is now returning! For more information, read the recent announcement:

TacticalModz TacticalModz: 4 months ago
Thank you for your review, As ValkNet is currently in maintenance we ran into huge problems very recently and it has been down for quite some time but it will soon to be backup. Join our discord server to keep upto date with maintenance news!

TrueFusion TrueFusion: 5 months ago
Amazing quality and server hosting
Here are some reasons why:
- Amazing community and staff members
- Actively being updated with care
- Server creation is as easy as it can get
- It has great plugins to use with a click of a button, and you don't even have to reload!

10/10 GG Valknet...

MangoTangoMan12 MangoTangoMan12: 5 months ago
My favourity server, I think not only on minehut, but in minecraft! I really enjoy the servers hosted there and the community is very friendly!

TacticalModz TacticalModz: 5 months ago
Thank's for all your wonderful comments!

SquareLaser SquareLaser: 6 months ago
Out of all of the Minehut servers I have seen and played, this is the top one on my list! So good, I even bought a rank! Talk about support!

Frituurgarnituur Frituurgarnituur: 6 months ago
worst owner ever >:(

5mmx 5mmx: 7 months ago
Very cool server! I hosted my own server for free, I totally suggest to join!

KeyboardAndMouse KeyboardAndMouse: 7 months ago
Very fun and well-skripted server! The staff are very nice to the players. If you enjoy playing Minecraft, this is definitely a good server for you.

BeeNamedDorqa BeeNamedDorqa: 7 months ago
Very good server with very nice staff members ^^

gluester55 gluester55: 7 months ago
ValkNet, much cool, much good.

good server host, 7/10 UwU

Status: Online

Server Ip: ValkNet.minehut.gg

Players: 0 / 500

Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x

Votes: 39

Website: https://valknet.namelesshosting.com/

Discord: https://discord.com/VEvwXvf

Owner: TacticalModz

Created: 8 months ago

Last Updated: 10 hours ago

Motd: Free Server Hosting Network! Hiring Staff!