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Accessible Craft Network
Welcome to Accessible Craft Network! Tired of being on multiple places just to enjoy the community as a whole? Me too! At our server we aims to provide a socialized and fun experiences for everyone! While not comprising on accessibly and the core meaning of the Vanilla Minecraft experiences! Featuring... You can not only set your own homes but you can also easily visit your fellows' as well! You can create actual working hot tubs that restore your hearts (healths)! You can also finally gain EXP as a reward for getting every advancement done! Fly by using a pair of Diamond boots with "flight" enchant! At the cost of EXP. Big Buckets are in too! Filler up and empty as you please easier! Build protection: Regular backups and claims to protect your builds and belongings. You can use the "/nv" command to toggle Night Vision! Holo to dropped items! Now you can easily read what an item is on the ground! You can also right click crops to harvest and auto replant them. In order to actually play on our server (break/place blocks and place claims) you has to request to be promoted. :)


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Status: Offline

Server Ip: play.accessiblecraft.net:25586

Players: 0 / 1

Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x

Votes: 0

Website: https://accessiblecraft.net

Owner: MineFriendly

Created: over 2 years ago

Last Updated: over 2 years ago