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SimplySurvival is a survival server that offers ranks & extra sethomes for playtime, grief protection, player warps, and more!

We preserve your survival experience by not allowing griefing, which means all of your builds and creations are 100% safe. If you like pure survival, this is the server for you!

The longer you play, the close you get to the next rank. Each rank earns you an extra /sethome.

Use the portal at spawn to find a safe spot to begin your journey!

IP: SimplySurvival.net
DISCORD: discord.gg/MNn5Qjd
Hiring dedicated staff. Apply on our discord.

Status: Online

Server Ip: simplysurvival.net

Players: 25 / 100

Version: Paper 1.13.2

Votes: 167

Website: http://discord.gg/MNn5Qjd

Discord: http://discord.gg/MNn5Qjd

Owner: Uyr

Created: about 1 month ago

Last Updated: 8 hours ago

Motd: SIMPLYSURVIVAL ? Welcome back, player! Vote crates are here! /vote