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Resource • BetterPolls - Easily run polls on your server [Skript]

1.0.0 Download

Requires: Skript & SkQuery

BetterPolls is an easy way to run polls on your server.


/createpoll (question) - use this command to create a poll. Put the poll question after /createpoll. When you create a poll a broadcast will go to the server telling them a new poll has been created and to do /poll to answer. Find a screenshot in the screenshots section of what this looks like.
The permission to use this command is "polls.create".

/poll - if a poll is running this command will open a GUI where the player can click yes or no in the poll (find a screenshot in the screenshots section of what this looks like). If no poll is running the GUI won't open. Player's can only vote once.

After 1 minute the result of the poll will be broadcast to the server. This shows how many people voted yes and how many people voted no.


When you have downloaded the file. Double click the .zip folder to get to the .sk file. This is the file you should upload to your server.

If you wish to see more script's made by me, you can click this link: https://mccommunity.net/resources/author/455-PondWader/

Contributors: PondWader


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Total Downloads: 59
First Release: 23 Apr 2020
Last Release: 23 Apr 2020

Version 1.0.0
Downloads: 59
Released: 23 Apr 2020