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Resource • UltraStaff - mutechat, staff chat and more! [Skript]

1.0.0 Download

This is a great script to add to existing essentials commands.

The commands are:

/mutechat - mute and unmute the chat for everyone! People with the correct permission can bypass muted chat.
  staff.mutechat - required to use the mutechat command
  staff.mutechatbypass - required to bypass the muted chat and allow the person with this permission to speak even when chat is muted!

/s (message) - quick and easy staff chat command. Everyone with the correct permission will receive the message.
  staff.chat - required to use staff chat and to read staff chat messages

/warn (player) - open a cool GUI to select what to warn a player for, there is a picture below in the screenshots section showing the GUI. You can select a reason to warn the player for and it will be broadcast to all online players. If you click the book at the end, you can type a custom warning reason in chat that will be counted as the warning reason.
  staff.warn - required to warn players

/warnlog (player) [clear] - see what warnings the specified player has received. Staff can clear the warnings log for that player if they add "clear" to the end and have the correct permission. 
  staff.warnlog - required to see the warnings log of a player
  staff.warnlog.clear - required to clear the warnings log of a player



When you download the .zip file, double click it to get to the .sk file

Leave any suggestions for things to add in reviews!

Contributors: PondWader


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Total Downloads: 196
First Release: 31 Dec 2019
Last Release: 31 Dec 2019

Version 1.0.0
Downloads: 196
Released: 31 Dec 2019