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Resource • NamelessMC Registration Plugin

2.0.0 Download

This plugin allow players in your spigot server to register ingame with a simple command for these servers who using NamelessMC Software for thems website

Want players to only be able to register ingame? Then disable Registration module on your website, U can disable it here: AdminCP -> Core -> Modules

How it work:
Player write /register {email} then that player being registred unconfirmed, then that player will receive a email to complete the registration, In that email the player need to click on the link to enter the password him want to use

/register {email}

No permissions

NamelessMC version 1.0.16 or above

How to install:
1. Download NamelessMC-Registration Plugin
2. Add NamelessMC-Registration Plugin to all your servers who should have it
3. Restart your server to load the config
4. Get your API key from your NamelessMC website in AdminCP -> Minecraft -> Api Settings
5. Add your Full api key Config like this http://yourdomain.com/api/v1/apikey
6. Restart or reload server

Q: My plugin is marked as red
A: You have not added your API Key to Config

Q: My api key not working
A: The "api-url" in config must be FULL Url like "http://yourdomain.com/api/v1/YourApiKey"

Q: /register command does nothing
A: You have not added your API Key to Config

Q: Can u change /register command to somethings else?
A: No

Q: Can u add bungeecord support?
A: Maybe

Q: My players don't receive email after registration
A: You have either setuped your Email settings on NamelessMC website wrong or u use a outdated version of NamelessMC software


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Views: 149
Total Downloads: 24
First Release: 16 Feb 2019
Last Release: 16 Feb 2019

Version 2.0.0
Downloads: 24
Released: 16 Feb 2019