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Hey there!
VallerHQ is a revitalized, community-based, Towns server!
At this time, we only support playing on 1.15.2.

With a tight-knit Administration team, our server boasts many premium plugins!
Moreover, we continuously push out updates through our custom coded plugins too.
The gigantic, breath-taking spawn hosts the Shop, Auction House, and Mystery Box areas!
Not to mention, you can also find Daily Quests and, harder, Gameplay Quests.

Our website is: https://vallerhq.net
The store can be found at https://store.vallerhq.net
Join our Discord to get an early glimpse of the server!
Also, you can vote for the server to earn in-game rewards.

Server IP: vallerhq.net
Version: 1.15.2
We hope to see you here!
Stay safe B)
- VallerHQ
6 months ago

In development

In development