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By Partydragen » 10 months ago
Hey everyone,

Welcome to Minecraft Community,
Minecraft Community website is a whole new place where you can launch your minecraft server on our server list and use our forum, We also offer to upload resources and check for minecraft status

We also do giveaways
There are currently 3 giveaways where you have the chance to win.
1. Register on this site and go to "Giveaways" and click Enter giveaway.
2. Join our discord at https://discord.gg/94BUnZw and reach with "tada" in Giveaway channel
3. Post your server on our site to be able to enter our giveaway (IF you win you must confirm the ownership of the server). All 3 giveaways will end 1 april and all 3 have win 15 USD

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